Summary – Clearing Cords

I’ve been clearing my chakras and aura since 1991. That’s a long time! Over the years I have completely resolved difficulties in many of my relationships — with an ex-husband (or two), friends, colleagues, and family members.

In reality, I practice Clearing Cords nearly every day. Because I’m in the people business. I teach about energy, I practice coaching and supervising EHI practitioners. I have a small, but active client practice. I am involved in a couple of professional groups and boards that generate a lot of interaction and activity for me.

Clearing Cords helps me stay current with how I see the people with whom I interact, and it helps me let go at the end of every day.

And with those difficult relationships? I can’t imagine where I’d be if I didn’t have a regular practice Clearing Cords.

Bottom line? Try Clearing Cords on a regular basis and see how you begin to feel. Pick one or two people to focus your efforts on initially. That way you can monitor your progress and see how you evolve in your thinking, behavior and experiences with these people.

Then go for it! Practice Clearing Cords with anyone and everyone! Free up space, raise your vibration, and learn how to be ever more resourceful in the way you engage with the people in your life. Notice and observe how your relationships shift and evolve as you clear out old energies and meet people where they are now. Notice how you show up differently because you’re not holding old stories in current time.

You’ve now got a powerful suite of skills for clearing energy in your Astral chakras and aura. Integrating them into a clearing practice is an essential step on your way to sharing these skills with clients. Your next Lesson is all about integrating these skills into a chakra clearing practice. From there, you’ll turn your attention and awareness to your aura.