Summary — Destroying Contracts

Spiritual, divine paradox

What an interesting juxtaposition to recognize that everything is sacred and nothing is permanent or mandated! How powerful it is to realize that sovereignty is absolute. You may be thinking that I’m driving this phrase into the ground. My hope is that you’re beginning to powerfully resonate with the concept so that you hold it as truth for you, and for your clients!

All of the constructs, beliefs, ideas, thoughts, emotions, patterns, relationships, issues, behaviors that you have co-created over the course of the incarnation of your Essence self as a personality this time around, as well as all of the constructs that came before or have yet to be created, are up for grabs.

You hold the keys to how you engage, interact, perceive and interpret every experience that you have.

I invite you to have deep faith in your ability to evolve, grow, shift, change, become Who You Are. And I applaud every moment you have spent clearing energy thus far.

These practices now belong to you. And the culminating jewel in the crown is Destroying Contracts.

Next steps:

You’ll complete a Lesson on integrating the suite of self-care skills into your personal practice.