Summary – Etheric Containment

Over time the benefit of Etheric Containment becomes clear

As you become accustomed to working with your Etheric aura, and clearing your client’s Etheric energy, you’ll be able to deeply discern the benefits of Etheric Containment.

The Astral aura has a resource for containing energy and establishing appropriate boundaries between yourself and another. And that’s important for emotional awareness and autonomy. As you internalized Setting Auric Boundaries, do you remember the sense of containment and individuation that you began to experience? For me, it was so tangible, my sense of being within myself, and the acknowledgment that this was better than protection, than guarding against others. Everything about the Astral energy system you’ve already learned is about putting the power and control where it belongs, within you!

Etheric Containment offers the same value, it’s simply connected to your physical vibrancy and vitality instead of your emotional awareness. In the same way that a head cold doesn’t begin in the nose, it begins with a virus, a disease in the body has an energy component associated with it, and the chakras and nadis affiliated with the compromised organ or system are at the front end of the illness that ensues.

The aura is an integral aspect of the larger Etheric system that generates all of the functions of a physical body. This makes Etheric Containment an important energy hygiene tool.

Next steps:

Proceed to the Lesson and Topics on Etheric Neutrality — when targeting a specific function, system, gland, muscle, skeletal structure, etc.,  in the body, your body is interacting with its mirror in the client’s body. If the client’s body is riled up in some way, yours doesn’t have to be!