Summary – Occipital & Medulla Chakras

Your Wellness and Vitality

As you work with these skills over time, you’ll be supporting and evolving your wellness and vitality. As a practitioner, you don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to look perfect, act perfectly, do everything in your practice perfectly. In fact, I hope you won’t try to do any of this!

However, your overall wellness and vitality is essential. It’s something you’ll model for your clients, and that they’ll aspire to within themselves.

Remember, EHI was launched because of the significant numbers of practitioners who were in my practice complaining about burn out, the difficulty of taking on and holding their clients problems, issues and challenges. The answer to that is self-care and energy hygiene.

If you’ve studied other modalities, you might not have been given any training at all in energy hygiene and energy transference. Working with therapists over the years has been an interesting opportunity to help these good, effective, caring people understand that the psychological and relationship boundaries put in place keep the interactions appropriate and manage transference and countertransference, but they do nothing to handle energetic transference, nor do they create any distinguishing awareness of the difference between merging energetically with a client using empathy and the second chakra to feel into their emotional states and perceiving those emotions with compassion and effective energy hygiene.

Next steps:

Move ahead to the next Lesson on Etheric Containment. This is another energy hygiene skill that I use outside of sessions as well as during client sessions. I love sharing this with practitioners!