Summary — Partnering the Chakras

Partnerships whose value always increases

The more you apply Setting  and Partnering your chakras, followed by Grounding, the more balanced, aligned and embodied you will become.

I don’t mean to brag, but truly, had you known me 30 years ago prior to my learning these tools, you would have run screaming in the opposite direction whenever you saw me approaching. I was a literal hot mess of energy dysregulation, out of my body constantly, and physically ill as a result. These three skills were the beginning of my evolution, and they have literally changed my life.

There are other stories to share about these three skills, applied as a cohesive protocol. One incredible story in particular happened with a client of mine many years ago. Because of a work-related injury that resulted in extreme neuropathy, this client became addicted to Oxycontin as a pain management approach. To those who are unaware, Oxycontin is legal heroin! The client had small children, and was a stay at home parent because of the injury and subsequent addiction.

Using these three skills, along with the next skill you’ll learn in the self-care portion of this program, the client detoxed from Oxycontin without hospitalization, replacement drugs, cravings, hallucinations or withdrawal symptoms. Be very clear, I would NEVER recommend someone do this. I taught these skills as part of a weekend workshop that the client registered for and attended. We never discussed the idea in the workshop, nor did the client contact me to review the idea. When the client told me about it a few months after the detox was completed, I was completely amazed. However, as I thought about the scenario, the ways in which drugs can take over an individual’s autonomy and agency, I could see how the 4 skills would bring someone back to him or herself. You are welcome to share this story, but please use discretion in doing so. Not everyone will resonate with nor needs to hear this story about the skills. NEVER recommend this as an approach to overcoming addiction. Unless you are a trained addiction counselor who has tools and resources for detoxing, then there is no role for you to be sharing detox strategies in your practice. If addiction counseling is part of your training and you’d like to discuss this in more detail, you’re welcome to raise the idea at Office Hours, but please understand that I will not be ale to discuss any specific case strategies or approaches without a one-on-one supervision appointment.

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