Summary – Repairing Rips, Tears & Holes

Aura maintenance is like dusting

You’ve learned a couple of maintenance skills that I consider general housekeeping. Do I dust every week? No. I dust several times a month. I don’t expect or need perfection, I don’t live in a spotless house. I enjoy a clean, dust free environment, however, it doesn’t drive me. I can enjoy the dust free rooms without the expectation that they’ll remain dust-free permanently! I’ll dust again. It’s a given.

Like Obstructions, Rips, Tears and Holes are part of life. They happen. They show up. When they do, they’re easily cleared and repaired.

I can’t urge you strongly enough to notice the ungrounded misconceptions about energy that you’ve perhaps already encountered in your experiences with clients, colleagues, other practitioners. As you encounter them, it’ll help you anchor more solidly into the work you’re learning in this program, using a systems-based approach to energy healing that is grounded, coherent and that eschews New Age thinking.

Your next topic is another maintenance skill, Removing Weapons. Weapons are not what you might think they are. They’re an interesting metaphor and a powerful clue for helping you feel and think about yourself.