Summary – Running Energy

In summary:

  • Nature abhors a vacuum. Remember to Run Energy whenever you complete an energy clearing practice
  • Running Energy is a wonderful 3 p.m. pick-me-up instead of sugar, caffeine, or other stimulants.
  • This is a flow state. If you’re alive (and you clearly are!), you’re Running Energy. When it becomes a conscious practice, it becomes a resource to conscious awareness and evolutionary self-care.
  • You can never overdo Running Energy. There are no side effects. It supports your Astral/emotional body, and integrates beautifully with the energy of your physical body.
  • If you feel depleted, tired, low energy, low vitality, Running Energy may be a useful and simple support for your energy body (and your Adrenals).

Next up in the Series?

Mine vs. Not Mine  — I’m looking forward to sharing a wonderful practice with you that will help you unpack and distinguish emotional energy that belongs to you vs. others. Imagine that!

You may have a pattern, like rage or anxiety or victimization. There are others in the world (and in your life, perhaps), that share these patterns with you. You could be running their energy in your field. How empowering (and in-lightening) to figure out what’s yours and what belongs to someone else. And then to give the emotional energy of others back to them.

You’ll love this practice – and you’ll move mountains when you combine this skill with Clearing Emotional Energy.