Summary – Syncing the System

Ahhhh…the balanced energy body feels so good!

What did  you experience? How do you feel? Did you sense your body swaying slightly as you ran the figure 8 between your left and right hemispheres? Once you’re acclimated to using this skill, you’ll be able to complete it in less than 10 seconds. Your energy body will entrain to the task, and you’ll drop into balance very easily.

Sometimes in the beginning of working with the skill, the figure 8 loops are highly distorted. The dominant hemisphere ‘loop’ might be wide and wobbly, and the recessive hemisphere might be tight and jagged. Notice what you notice, make adjustments to the loops so they’re even and balanced, and you’ll be right in the zone!

Whenever you’re feeling a bit out of balance and off-kilter, ground and then use the Syncing the System skill. See if it doesn’t bring you back in balance nearly immediately!

Next steps:

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