Watch the Demonstration: Combing Health Rays

This is a Protocol – it’s used when needed

Up until now, you’ve been focused on ‘generic’ tasks. Clearing and infusing the Etheric chakras and aura. You’re now learning specific Protocols for working with physical issues. you will always, always tie the Protocol to the client case. In other words, there’s no reason to be Combing Health Rays on an Astral case. The issues the client is working to resolve are not physical, their health and vitality are not the work you’re being asked to support in your sessions.

As described on the Lesson page, Combing Health Rays is a great resource for targeting a specific organ or system that is in some way compromised. Someone with Bronchitis or a tendency to have bronchial issues, digestive issues, Arrhythmia, a broken wrist, healing from a surgery or medical treatment are good possibilities. A systemic issue such as Stage 4 cancer, or a cancer that has metastasized to multiple organs would not be as effectively supported with Combing Health Rays.

As you review the illustration below, let me point out a few important things.

  • There are lots and lots of Health Rays. The illustration you’re looking at makes them look scattered and spaced apart. Not at all. The illustration is focused more on the hand motions than the quantity of Health Rays. If you remember back to my image of the woman with green hair that began this Lesson, she has lots of hair on her head. Health Rays will more closely proximate a full head of hair than a thinning head of hair. And of course, they’re not just on the head, they’re all over the body.
  • If someone is seriously ill, the Health Rays will potentially be lying flat against the body, not extending outward from the surface of the body.
  • The Health Rays are very silky and fine. I don’t feel very much when I comb them. But I do sense an uptick in the overall quality and vibrancy of the energy in the spot where I’m working.
  • You won’t spend more than 2-4 minutes Combing Health Rays on a client’s body, again, based on their case. Sometimes the body picks up the feedback of the increased vitality and energy quality and it makes a major difference in the pace of the client’s healing. This was certainly the case with my torn meniscus.

Next steps:

Watch the Demonstration: Combing Health Rays. Then, choosing the part of your body that could use support, practice Combing Health Rays on yourself. Do it every day for a week or two and see what you notice about how your body responds. There’s no better way to internalize a protocol than to use it on yourself.