Watch the Demonstration: Easing Pain & Cooling Inflammation

Whenever possible, use 2 hands to ‘cup’ the painful area

You saw that I am working with my client’s knee in the Demonstration video. I had one hand under her knee, and the other on top of her knee. Your hands will warm the area, you’ll be gently holding the painful body part, this supports the client to relax and let go.

In some cases, you might find yourself tracking the pain as it moves down and out of the body, bringing your hands to the major joints and holding them as the painful energy slips out of their field. In other words, if the hip was the source of pain, as the pain moved down toward the feet, you might find yourself holding the knee, and then the ankle to help move it through and out. Don’t rush to leave the origin of the pain, when there’s a steady release taking place, you’re right where you belong. As the release begins to wind down, you may then choose to support the knee’s release, the ankle’s release until the energy has fully moved out of the feet. It’s not always necessary to do this. As you become facile with your client’s energy and the application of the protocol, you’ll likely know when to trace the release. You may also have well-attuned clients who will announce that the energy feels like it’s pooling in a joint instead of releasing. Trust their wisdom and help them facilitate a full release.

Next steps

Download the reference materials and proceed to the last protocol, Etheric Chelation. This is the only protocol you’ll learn in this program that is an entire session of its own.