Watch the Demonstration: Releasing Extremities

My body feels relieved just thinking about this protocol!

A few important things to note:

  • Some people are very sensitive energetically; they’ll experience the release on the upper half of one side of their body and want to feel it on the other side. They may experience sensations of floating on one side and being weighted down on the other side of their body. Always do the upper half together and then the lower half together (or vice versa). In other words, if you start with the right shoulder and hand, move from there to the left shoulder and hand. Then you can migrate to the left hip and foot, and on to the right hip and foot. If you do one side of the body, shoulder and then hip, and then move to the other side of the body, shoulder and then hip, you can disturb the client’s field and bring them out of their relaxed trance state into an awareness of sensation and discomfort. It doesn’t hurt, it feels strange and unusual.
  • Don’t rush this. I sometimes do this protocol twice or even three times in a session if I know the client is a ‘master somatizer’.
  • Whatever emotions the client avoids feeling must also be addressed in the Astral body. Make sure you’re using Astral clearing skills in the chakras and aura, saying hello to that emotion to release it there so that it’s not preparing to somatize into the Etheric.
  • You’ll likely find release patterns with this protocol. In other words, you learn that you can spend less time on the left side of the body, because the right side is where more releasing takes place. Once you know a client’s pattern, you can plan your treatment accordingly. For example, when I know that a client releases more on the right than the left, I’ll always begin Releasing Extremities on the right side. That enables as much work to take place as quickly as possible in whichever half of the body I work with first. Once I’ve completed the left side, I typically return to the right side where all the action is to begin the other half of the body.
  • If you don’t know the client well enough to be clear on what emotions they somatize, you’ll figure it out eventually. While it’s useful to name the emotions (saying hello), it’s not necessary for the protocol to be effective. It becomes more effective when named, and when you teach the client to work with those emotions with Astral clearing skills. The more they clear, the less they’ll somatize

Though the illustration shows this process beginning with the upper body, this is not required. You can start with either half of the body. Simply remember to complete the half of the body before moving on to the other half. 

Want to do this for yourself?

Be sure to have a grounding cord in the treatment space!

In a seated position, place your thumb in your opposite hand. Imagine a hand on your shoulder, pulling somatized emotion from your Etheric body, sending it down the arm, out the hand. Repeat the process with the other arm/hand. Hang out for a couple of minutes with each arm/hand.

In a seated position, place your thumb in the arch of your foot. I usually cross my leg over my knee to do this comfortably. Imagine a hand on your hip, pulling somatized emotion, sending it down the leg, out the foot. Repeat the process with the other leg/foot. Hang out for a couple of minutes with each leg/foot.

Infuse your Etheric aura with Prana.

Move to the Astral body and use whatever clearing skills you choose to say hello and release the emotion you avoid feeling from your chakras and aura.

Infuse with green, gold, rose quartz. Set & partner your chakras. Set your auric boundaries. Ground.

Release the grounding cord in the treatment space.

Next steps:

You’re on your way to the next Protocol, Balancing Etheric Chakras.