Watch the Demonstration: Repairing an Astral Break

If it’s discovered, it’s repaired

When an Astral Break is identified, it is repaired immediately. Unlike Rewiring a Chakra,  where it’s important to set up the experience, ask the client to do some focused clearing in preparation for the protocol, an Astral Break is equivalent to a gaping wound. The aura is disconnected, the client is dis-integrated, and the repair happens immediately to support the client to make a quantum leap in healing, integration and evolution.

As you review the illustrations and watch the video, it’s important to understand two things:

  1. Once you begin Repairing an Astral Break, your hands MUST NOT leave the client’s aura until it’s completed. If you think in terms of sewing up a tear in a fabric, the first few stitches are quite important. They need to be placed appropriately to line up the two ends of fabric, and the stitching needs to be tight enough to hold the fabric in place, without bunching up the material or impacting the overall shape. Similarly, the aura will begin to hold itself in place as you move upward through the layers, yet, ensuring that you are focused on the task, and that you completely reconnect each layer is best executed by leaving your hands in the field throughout the process.
  2. Always begin at the first layer and work your way out to the 7th layer. Since the majority of Astral Breaks occur at a young age, starting at the first layer and working outwards follows the evolution and maturation of the chakras.

Communicating an Astral Break to your Client

When an Astral Break is discovered in the field, I generally let my client know what I’m about to do and why. I say something simple and affirming like:

[Client name], as I was working in your aura today, you lit up an energetic construct known as an Astral Break. It’s a gap in your aura that extends from the outermost layer all the way in to the surface of your body. The gap is between your 3rd and 4th chakras. (In very rare instances, the gap may be between the 2nd and 3rd chakras. I’ve only had this happen 3 times in 30 years of practice, so it’s truly quite rare.)

The gap creates a tendency to either flip back and forth between lower chakra awareness and upper chakra awareness, or can manifest as a dominant tendency to be focused in the lower chakras, or the upper chakras.

The main issue is that it keeps someone who has this issue from being wholly integrated energetically. Since you’ve lit up the Astral Break today, you’re inviting a different level of healing, evolution and integration for your life and experiences.

It’s going to take about 15 or 20 minutes for me to complete the repair, to bring the two halves of your aura together. It’s a permanent healing, we won’t ever have to do this again.

How about if you simply relax, I’ll do the repair and finish up the clearing work today about 5 minutes earlier than usual so we can debrief this a bit further together?

The client will then experience the integration of his or her energy body. Sometimes it’s an emotional experience, so it’s a good idea to have a couple of tissues within reach so you can tuck them into the client’s hands without having to take both hands out of the field.


In general, the process moves a bit more rapidly the farther along in the protocol that you are. The first couple of layers can take 3-4 minutes to repair, by the time you’ve reached the 4th and 5th layer, things tend to be much quicker, perhaps 1.5-2 minutes/layer.

You’ll need to listen with your hands for the moment when each field comes together. The ‘sewing’ process tends to slow down a bit, and then there’s a zipping up feeling I experience in my hands as the layer is completed.


When the 7th layer is complete, so is the repair. I then usually dedicate the remainder of the session to clear out any energies in the field that are not harmonious or affirming of the repaired and integrated field. I stop the clearing with enough time to spare to spend a few minutes debriefing the experience, validating the enormity of the shift, and offering suggestions for settling in to the newly integrated energy body.


Suggest that the client be especially observant of any habituated pattern to focus awareness in either the upper or lower chakras, or to see if s/he is bouncing between the two.

Ask the client to meditate on wholeness, to invite ongoing integration, to do any clearing of the trauma story, the residual emotional patterns, clearing cords with people who resonate with the trauma story to continue to free up energy and establish a new way of engaging and interacting internally and externally.

Also suggest the client attend to their thoughts and emotions to do any reframing that is needed to ground into the autonomous self that emerges through integration and wholeness. In other words, the client is well served to notice and take action on old behaviors, patterns, emotions that reinforce what once was and to set his or her sights on who s/he is now.

The Illustration Below

The first image highlights the awareness of the Astral Break when it lights up in the client’s field. The clearing underway in the aura is disrupted because of a noticeable gap that extends from the top of the aura to the surface of the body, between the 3rd and 4th chakra. The gap extends all the way around the aura, not just on the front of the body.

The remaining images show the work of reconnecting the aura. Placing the hands at the surface of the body, directly between the 3rd and 4th chakra, you’ll reconnect each layer of the aura, keeping your hands in the field for the entire process, and moving directly from layer to layer. The hands remain in line with the gap throughout the protocol.

The next illustration shows the upper layers being repaired. Notice that the hands remained positioned between the 3rd and 4th chakra as the layers are repaired.


Next steps:

View the video, Demonstration: Repairing an Astral Break, download the pdf files for your reference library, then proceed to Preparing for your Practicum.