Watch the Demonstration: Teaching Skills to Clients

You’ll teach these two skills often

In this video, I’m teaching my client Mine vs. Not Mine and Clearing Emotional Energy to address her ongoing challenges with anxiety.

As our work together progresses, I’d be likely to teach her other skills as well, such as Clearing Cords (her mother, her boss, her friends all of whom are either anxious, or generate anxiety in her) and Releasing Programming. However, that would be a lot of skills for one session, and it’s best to help a client evolve by teaching what will create the most impact quickly.

You may want to download the two skill pdfs to have on hand while you watch the video demonstration. As you watch the demonstration, take any notes that seem important about:

  • selling the skill
  • voice modulation and intonation
  • pacing
  • key concepts that are important to convey in the teaching/practice

Next steps:

Your last Topic in this Lesson is about integrating a series of skills into a coherent protocol driven from the client case.