Watch the preparation video for Repairing an Astral Break

You may have a client with this energetic issue

As you watch the preparation video, and the subsequent demonstration video for Repairing an Astral Break, give some thought to your practice clients. Do you think you may have a client with an Astral Break in your practice? Make note of the client’s name, and perhaps bring the client case to an Office Hours meeting, so that you can discuss the case and we can learn a bit more about the issue.

Also, please consider trauma reactivity and the importance of a therapist to guide the client should s/he have trouble with integrating after an Astral Break has been repaired. Again, you don’t want to tell the client to make an appointment with the therapist because you’re doing this repair, but you do want to be alert to be checking in with clients who are healing from trauma and wanting to do energy healing as an adjunctive resource to their evolution to be sure that they have a therapist with whom they’re working.

Next steps:

Once you’ve completed the preparation video, move on to the Demonstration: Repairing an Astral Break video.