Watch the video to Prepare for Clearing the Etheric Aura

You’re going to hear me say it on the teaching video…and…

If you move quickly in the Etheric aura, you’re wasting your clients time and money.

If I asked you to wave your hands through the air, you could do so quite quickly, yes?

If I asked you to wave your hands through water, you’d meet some resistance, but you’d still be able to move fairly rapidly.

If I asked you to wave your hands through wet sand, there would be a need to move more slowly and carefully to accomplish the task.

No, the Etheric aura is not wet sand. But it’s dense, thick, viscous and requires very slow, deliberate movements.

People who have spent time with me in supervision, Office Hours and as I watched their videos for certification get a silly nickname when they move too quickly in the client’s Astral or Etheric aura. I call them ‘Zippy’. I don’t do it to be mean, I do it as a quick, easy reminder that moving slowly and deliberately in the client’s field yields results that being a ‘Zippy’ cannot and will not.

Bottom line: Don’t be a Zippy!

Next steps:

Watch the preparation video and then proceed to the Demonstration: Clearing the Etheric Aura video.