Watch the video to Prepare for Etheric Chelation

Give some thought to clients in your practice

You may want to line up a few clients in your practice who would benefit from an Etheric Chelation. This is an intense protocol, I make sure never to schedule more than two of these in a day, and never back-to-back. You’ll need time to regroup and be ready to take on the second one. Before you practice on any of them, be sure you have a solid recall of the hand positions and points that you’ll access for the protocol to be completed successfully.

I also found that the intensity of the protocol made it essential to have enough time between the chelation session and my next client to eat something that had a high protein content, whether nuts & seeds, or a salad with protein.

When someone is very ill, it was really important for me to be well-fed and hydrated prior to the session. For example, I did an Etheric Chelation every week for months on end with a client who had a rare and fast-metastasizing cancer. If I didn’t eat and have lots of water prior to the session, I would feel exhausted and drained afterwards. It wasn’t because I was absorbing his energy, it was because I was facilitating an enormous detox, and it was literally flowing out of his field through my hands!

Next steps:

Proceed to the Demonstration: Etheric Chelation video. It’s your last protocol in the program! Look how far you’ve come!