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Beyond unconscious beliefs to conscious knowing

Welcome to Bodacious Beliefs!

Belief systems are a big, damn deal. Learning how to analyze what you unconsciously believe, and then take active steps to resolve negative, limiting, invalidating beliefs is a spiritual practice that creates evolutionary impacts – in your lived experience!

As practitioners, we work with our clients on their unconsciously held beliefs regularly. Honestly, we all benefit from mining our beliefs and updating our conscious awareness with freshly minted, affirming, authentic beliefs.

While we work with this material all the time with our clients, we know that others will benefit from a practical, grounded approach to shifting out of beliefs that do not resonate with what we want to create and manifest in our life. We created this course to spread the belief systems love further afield than those who cross our doorsteps!

Feel free to engage with us and to ask questions by using the Comments section at the bottom of each Lessons page. We’re interested in your thoughts and experience with the material, and we’re happy to answer your questions.

We include a special offer for you at the end of the course, and we’d dearly appreciate a review of the course as well. You’ll find both the offer and the request for a review as you complete the course material.

We are thrilled that you’ll evolve and grow as you root out and evolve, creating Bodacious Beliefs that affirm, validate and resonate with Who You Are!

Next steps:

Watch the video in the next Lesson to understand how beliefs are created, and where they’re housed.

2 thoughts on “Bodacious Belief Systems”

  1. Great course Jill! I had conflicting appointments but saw that yours was recorded. I appreciate that. The timing could not have been better as I have been working on Beliefs as of late. I love learning about the Mental/Causal Planes as well and have found limited teachings with this through John Friedlanders website psychic psychology. Loving Jane Roberts/Seth material too, it lands/feels right for me so absorbing as much as I can. Looking fwd to your next course. Hugs.

    • Hey Zodie, I’m glad you got to catch the replay! I missed you on the call. Friedlander’s work is wonderful, his focus is on psychic development and healing through psychic awareness. It’s great stuff and a piece of my roots. I moved on a long time ago as my interests diverged into working with practitioners for their own healing, hygienic process and to help them succeed in their client practices. As for Seth & Jane Roberts – oof! Total game changer and the core of my beliefs have been deeply evolved through extensively studying those teachings. Most important teachings of my life, in fact!


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