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7 thoughts on “Clairvoyance Masterclass”

  1. Yes, it’s always work in progress. I feel that it takes awareness to know what we are doing to ourselves versus others.
    Thank you.

  2. I have stalled at the Finding, Clearing and Choosing Your Psychic Screen section. I have finished all the lessons, but I am hesitant to move on. Every time I practice with my screen, I get a headache and yesterday an auric migraine.

    I am asking for guidance. Should I take a break and continue to the next section? I am not someone who should be trying to read energy? I want to finish the course, but should I try to get past this hurdle first? Has anyone who has finished the course had a similar experience?

    • Hi Rose,

      I have several thoughts on this. One is to be well rested before you access the screens. Two is to eat some protein about 20-30 minutes (not carbs/sugar) before you work with the screens. It doesn’t have to be animal protein, but perhaps some nuts, seeds, almond or cashew butter to help your body have some solid, anchored energy to draw on. Third, I’d sit quietly and ask yourself if there’s any ‘rules, belief systems, thoughtforms’ that you’re unconsciously carrying that make access to the Clairvoyance System off limits for you. Sometimes people have religious programming, or a student recently had to work through thinking that Clairvoyance was new age-y and in the realm of curses, crystal balls and all of that sort of activity. See if any of those resonate with you and your body, selfhood. If not, let’s keep digging. Clairvoyance is one of our innate capacities, there’s no ‘rules’ around who gets to read energy and who doesn’t. Keep me posted!

    • Hi Rose, I’m not recalling the page where you found this information. I want to review what’s there so I have context for my response. Can you tell me which lesson you are on where the boundaryless phenomenon was mentioned? Then I can review for context and respond appropriately! Thank you!

    • Hi Rose, It can take a while for some of us to get the dialogue with the energy flowing. It’ll be an interesting experience to cultivate the dialogue language with your clairvoyance system.


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