Healing from Chronic Illness

Four Anchoring Practices to Support a Return to Health

I spend a lot of time with clients healing from the multi-layered, highly complex symptoms of Lyme disease and its myriad co-infections, one of many chronic illnesses I address in my practice. 

There are healing practices that focus exclusively on magnets, usually with mixed results. Some clients relapse frequently, others feel better physically, but remain blocked and depleted emotionally. 

I use magnets, too. However, I have learned that healing is much broader and more complete when additional protocols are included in the treatment process. The mantra for my work is: ‘Magnets and More’.

This article provides an overview of the three anchoring practices that support you and your body as you heal from any chronic illness:

  • Cleansing and Detox Practices
  • Supporting Gut Health and Immunity
  • Emotional Grounding, Embodiment and Containment
  • Biomagnetism

Embracing these practices provides a bedrock for clearing infections and toxicities, and releasing stuck emotional pain, all of which support recovery and a return to wellness. 

Cleansing & Detox – decreasing the burden of chronic illness

We’re all on a “journey of accumulation” as we go through life, exposed to a variety of toxins along the way. Those with chronic illness often have a toxin burden that has become a roadblock to recovery.

A fundamental strategy for cleansing and detox is to get back to basics: optimize what goes into your body, and increase what comes out. With commitment and consistency to reversing toxin accumulation, resolution of common symptoms such as headaches, constipation, skin rashes, fungal issues, general aches and pains, fatigue, chemical sensitivities and frequent colds occurs.

Gut Health & Immunity – feeding the body starves the chronic illness

Within the gut, there are tissues that keep intestinal flora at appropriate levels and pathogens at bay. On a daily basis they prevent a large number of infections from manifesting in the body. Gut dysfunction can generate secondary problems such as constipation, SIBO, nutritional deficiencies, yeast and fungal overgrowth, brain fog, mood disorders, and leaky gut. When the gut is compromised for a long period of time, chronic infections like Lyme and autoimmune diseases are much more likely to anchor in and flourish.

A well functioning gut is another essential for healing from chronic illness. From the tip of the tongue to our daily elimination, the digestive system processes food and waste. Food is fuel for the body, and like a car, a certain quality of fuel enables optimal functioning. Ideally, the gut transforms and absorbs nutrients from food and water, which provide physical strength, cellular energy, tissue repair and regeneration. 

Grounding, Embodiment and Containment – reducing the emotional contributions to chronic illness

You’re interested in energy healing, so you conceivably are aware of how physical symptoms may be exacerbated by unresolved emotions or behavior patterns. When the body holds these unresolved emotions, symptoms linger and healing is inhibited. Emotional Grounding, Embodiment and Containment potentiates physical healing, and lightens the emotional load you’re carrying..

It’s inspiring when clients do the work to heal emotionally, using energy tools and practices to support their evolution, they realize that healing is a whole body experience!

Biomagnetism – treating pathogens generating chronic illness

Biomagnetism, or Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, is a holistic, non-invasive, and powerful modality that effectively addresses acute and chronic symptoms and conditions. 

In a perfect world, your body is balanced and self-regulating. However, when your body carries acidity, inflammation, stagnation it becomes a ripe environment for pathogens to proliferate and dysfunction to become the norm.

The founders of biomagnetism have defined anatomical points that correspond with specific pathogens and toxicities. When applied to these points, medium-strength (~1,000-5,000 gauss) magnets target and clear infections and regulate body systems. Appropriate energy flow is restored and health regained.

Anchor In

It’s important to remember to take things a step at a time. There’s no need to try and implement all the pieces at once. What feels most right to you to start with now? Do that. Then, as you begin to feel like you’ve got your first step integrated, choose the next one. The point is, start. Do something. And know that each step you take is progressive, healing, holistic and balancing.

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Ellen Donaldson – Starleaf Wellness

Ellen Donaldson is a Boston, MA based holistic practitioner offering in-person and remote sessions. She integrates biomagnetism, energy healing and restorative coaching for cleansing, detox, reducing pain and inflammation and boosting immunity and vitality. She is also a certified practitioner-instructor and Operations Manager at Energy Healing Institute.

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