Feeding Your Spiritual Practice

A Buffet of delicious resources

Are you seeking new ways to deepen and feed your inner evolution?

Does your spiritual practice need refreshing?

Are you wanting to breathe new life into how you experience yourself spiritually?

Are you ready to expand your consciousness, deepen your practices and grow in new and dynamic ways?

Evolve your energy and your spiritual practice.

Embrace new ways of attending to your growth and expanding your conscious awareness.

Feed and nurture your spiritual life in the same way that you attend to your physical body.

Foster evolution, growth, self-awareness and expansive engagement with your life, your experiences and your relationships.

Feeding Your Spiritual Practice includes:

  • Two Appetizers – savory starters that can be applied and used in lots of ways
  • Two Entrees – deeper, evolutionary practices for expansion and growth
  • Two Desserts – sweet resources for evolution and healing

[Note: The course is rolling out in June 2024 with one appetizer, entree and dessert. The second set of delicious resources will be available in early July, and automatically added to your course menu.]

What is a Spiritual Practice?

There are many ways of defining a spiritual practice, and there is no one right or wrong answer. EHI believes that everything can be viewed through a spiritual lens, while concurrently acknowledging and affirming that not every moment is perceived through that lens. A spiritual practice, broadly defined, is a way of exploring inwardly with the intention of self-awareness, self-understanding, growth, evolution and deep connection – to s/Self and Source.

Who should take Feeding Your Spiritual Practice?

Anyone wishing to nurture and deepen their understanding of themselves

People who feel ready for new spiritual tools and resources

Students of energy and consciousness

Those with a solid growth and evolution orientation

People who are curious about consciousness and expanded awareness

The Feeding Your Spiritual Practice Course Includes:

Multiple Teaching Videos

To develop your understanding of the objectives, practices, resources and tools provided in each menu offering

Guided Meditations

To practice and integrate the resources into your repertoire of spiritual practices

Supporting Documentation

PDF of the presentation and practices (as applicable) on the menu

Suggested Prerequisite: The Present of Presence

Completing The Present of Presence will provide you with the anchoring tools to deepen your shifts and accelerate your evolution.


Tuition for this course is $149.

Ready to evolve your self-care?


$170.00 per Month for 2 Months

Save 15% when you register for Feeding Your Spiritual Practice: A buffet of delicious resources and Clear: Energy Clearing & Self-care.

Feeding Your Spiritual Practice


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