A New Process for Opening a Session – Energy Balancing

To clear anything, your client’s energy needs balancing

You learned to do a quick balancing and alignment of your client’s energy for Astral energy healing, but now things are different, a bit more complex. You’re working in the Astral and Etheric energy systems, supporting physical healing and also evolving and addressing the underlying information, contribution to the illness or disease that is resident in the emotional body.

You’re about to learn and practice a new way of Opening a Session that takes into account the Astral and Etheric energy systems, deeply embodies the client’s energy, and balances the left and right sides of the body so that clearing can be done in as comprehensive and efficient manner as possible.

From here forward, even if your treatment strategy is exclusively geared toward the Astral body, use this new Session Opening to set the client’s field optimally for the work you’ll do on their behalf.

Next steps:

Proceed to the Preparation video, then on to the Demonstration video, where you’ll be able to review the hand positions on the screen, download the pdf files for your reference library.


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