Balancing Etheric Chakras

This is a protocol, not a ‘must do’

When the physical body is navigating disease or illness, injury or any type of syndrome, such as Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia, there’s an imbalance in the Etheric body or field. It can be appropriate and helpful, supportive to the healing process to apply the Balancing Etheric Chakras protocol as part of an ongoing treatment strategy. It may not be something done at each appointment, and should only be done if you’re clear it’s supportive and beneficial to the client’s process that day. You can test for appropriateness of applying the protocol with your pendulum each time your client comes for a session. It’ll be a Yes/No type of pendulum assessment. The question would be framed along these lines: ‘Is in the best interests of the client and their healing to have their Etheric [Major or Minor] chakra balanced in today’s session?’

Balancing an Etheric chakra — whether major or minor — is done in alignment with a case. In other words, do not use the Balancing Etheric Chakras protocol on a chakra that is unrelated to the client’s physical issue! It’s not something that you would ever test with your pendulum as a generic question, i.e., do any Etheric chakras need balancing today? You’ll likely get a ‘yes’, but since your role as a practitioner is to evolve the healing and evolution of your client’s Astral and Etheric body based on the client case, this is not an appropriate question to ask, or use of this protocol. In addition, since the entire Etheric energy body needs to integrate whatever clearing and evolution takes place during a session, there is never a good reason to use Balancing Etheric Chakras in this type of generic, casual approach.

As you watch the videos, your hands are conduits for both understanding ‘healthy Etheric chakra’, and where the client’s chakra is in relation to the healthy prototype. One of your hands will also incrementally effect the balance of the client’s chakra to facilitate a shift in vibration, awareness and to sponsor increased healing. If you’re struggling with sensing energy in your hands, practice this on yourself for a while before taking the work to your client’s Etheric energy field. There’s plenty of other ways to support their healing without this protocol.

Next steps:

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