Etheric Energy System Overview

The Human Body is Highly Complex

When you think about the wonder of the human body, in some ways, any body, animal or human, the complexity and intricacy is astounding! Organs working in concert with one another, interdependencies between organs and systems, bones and muscles, tendons and ligaments. Digestion begins in the mouth and ends with the elimination process. Your food travels a long way to go from what your taste buds experience and enjoy to fueling your physical body’s ability to function, culminating with releasing the waste once all nutrients have been extracted. Your glands and nervous system are in constant communication, hormones are secreted to sponsor functionality and generate cycles. Your blood is everywhere in your body at once! It’s outrageous and bodacious to acknowledge the synchronization of all of the functions of the human body.

Now, layer in the emotions. Your eyes know to shed tears when you’re sad and grieving. Your thyroid is suppressed when you grieve. Your stomach and your brain let you know when you’re running low on fuel, and you may be one of those people who feels ‘hangry’ (for those who are unfamiliar with the term, it’s a melding of hungry and angry). What about love and sexual desire? Oof! What a glorious thing! Here’s another one: you’re preparing to give a speech, and as you wait to be introduced and step up to the podium, your anxiety rises up and you feel…butterflies in your stomach!

Take a moment and consider the magnitude, the possibility and the grandeur of the human body. Take it in.

The Etheric Energy System is as Complex as the Human Body

Emotions aren’t complex, they simply are. Anger isn’t complicated, neither is joy. The circumstances in which someone experiences emotion are diverse, and can be fraught with difficulty. But emotions themselves are what they are. The Astral energy system reflects this simplicity. Seven primary chakras, seven layers of the aura feeding the chakras. Seven functional roles, one for each chakra. Pretty simple.

Enter the Etheric Energy System.

The next few Topics will provide you with insights and understanding on the Etheric body, and how its complexity informs your process. In essence, the system is intricate and complicated, everything needs to integrate and communicate harmoniously with one another, so you keep your work in the Etheric body as simple as possible to support integration and flow.

You’ll learn about:

Major Etheric chakras

Minor Etheric chakras

Major Nadis

Minor Nadis

Etheric aura

Next steps:

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