Choose an Emotion or Pattern to Clear

Do you have emotional patterns or behaviors that don’t serve you?

Who doesn’t? 

Excellent point!

Give a little bit of thought to behaviors, emotions that own you, that are up and running before you have a moment to choose an alternative.

Here’s a few examples:

When faced with conflict, Rosalee collapses and refuses to engage. She cries instead. The tears keep her from standing strong within herself and speaking up for her needs. Rosalee would like to clear the tendency to collapse because of her fear of conflict.

George has a hairpin trigger when things don’t go his way. He tends to shoot first, ask questions later. He’s been described as volatile by his boss, his girlfriend calls him a hothead. He’s tired of reacting before thinking, and he knows it’s an old pattern that he learned from all of the anger and shouting in his house when he was a child.

Lilly’s anxiety keeps her from participating in new experiences. She often agrees to different activities, then cancels at the last minute because her anxiety rears its head and makes it difficult for her to leave her house. Tired of missing out on life’s pleasures, Lilly is ready to address her anxiety and move on.

Martha is a sensitive and an empath. At one point she felt it made her special and unique. People praised her for her intuitive awareness and thought it was amazing that she was so attuned to energy and emotion. However, it’s become challenging for Martha to maintain her center around large groups of people. Easily overwhelmed emotionally and energetically, Martha’s world is getting smaller and smaller. The list of what she can’t do is much larger than what she feels comfortable doing. Now she feels called to resolve the energetic patterns that are creating her sensitivity. She’s ready to shed the empath label and move into a more effective way of engaging her life.

These are examples of emotional energies and patterns that I have seen clients and students resolve time and time again.

The bottom line?

Whatever emotional pattern you’re carrying and acting out can be resolved by developing a practice to routinely Clear Emotional Energy.

Ready to get started?

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