Choose an issue, emotion, behavior or belief you’d like to heal & evolve Copy

What’s on your mind? In your heart? What needs healing, the grace of evolution in the journey of your life?

Perhaps there’s more than one thing you’d like to work with. Most of us have more than one issue, emotion, behavior or belief that we’d like to evolve.

Take a breath. Take a moment.

What feels most relevant, or most significant to you right now?

Ask yourself:

  • Does this feel juicy, alive, inspiring enough for me to work on this concertedly throughout the remainder of this Masterclass?
  • Am I willing to share my experiences working with this issue or concern with my cohort?
  • Am I prepared to do the work beyond this Masterclass to see this issue or concern through to resolution?

If the answer is yes to all three of these questions, it’s conceivably a great choice for you. If you have more than one issue that meets these criteria, please choose what most inspires you.

While you’re free to do whatever you want with your healing journey, for the purposes of this Masterclass, it’s really useful and helpful to choose one concern or issue for the balance of our time together.

Since one of the recommended choice criteria is a willingness to share what you’re working on, please let us know in the discussion area below what you’re addressing with your Healing Guide. There’s no need to go into elaborate detail,  you can simply share the theme or the concept you’re working with at this point.

Thank you for your participation and sharing!

Then, you’ll proceed to Channeling your Healing Guide, the final activity in this Module (with the exception of reviewing your assignments to prepare for our live, online Q&A calls).


Tell us about the issue or concern you’ll be addressing with the compassionate support of your Healing Guide. You can name a pattern, i.e., invalidation, judgment, self-hate or a physical issue, digestion, asthma, sinus infections. Or you can speak to a belief system or behavior that diminishes your ability to live the life you choose. Thanks for sharing with us!

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