Conducting Astral / Etheric Case Intakes

You’ve been conducting Case Intakes for a while

You’re likely well-versed in the process, and if you’re an experienced practitioner who offers multiple modalities or treatment approaches, you have hopefully integrated the appropriate case intake questions related to the Astral/emotional energy system into your intake flow.

There’s not a huge amount of difference between an Astral and Etheric case intake process. In an integrated session, working in both the Astral and Etheric bodies, your client’s case will dictate how much emphasis you place on Etheric work. Remember that in general, a  client session related to a physical illness or disease will still have a 60-70% emphasis on Astral clearing to Etheric clearing.

You’ve got a couple of videos on this topic, and of course, new intake templates for you to apply in your practice. You’ll likely recall that I am not attached to you using EHI’s templated form. I am attached to you conducting a viable intake that gets you the information that you need to facilitate a powerful and effective treatment strategy to help your client resolve, heal, evolve, shift and grow.

If you’re a relatively new practitioner, know that your intake process will get tighter and crisper with time. You’re still aiming for a 7-10 minute intake, even if you’re not there yet! Keep at it. Over time, you’ll develop a database of questions that you ask that helps the client articulate what’s important to the work together. You’ll also develop a database from experiential work with clients that helps you rapidly identify patterns, behaviors, beliefs, and issues, because you’ve seen them many times before in your practice.

Next steps:

Proceed to the preparation video for the Astral/Etheric intake process, and then view the Demonstration: Astral & Etheric Case Intake. You’ll also download the new Intake form for your use and/or modification to suit the flow of your practice strategy and modalities.

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