Demonstration: Astral & Etheric Tablework Session

How does an Integrated Astral & Etheric Tablework Session flow?

You’re about to watch one in action!

A couple of things before you proceed to the video.

  1. If you begin practicing these skills based on watching this video, you’ll be making a mistake.
    Just watch. Don’t try and absorb everything so you can begin practicing these skills on your clients. Show a little restraint, people! I know you’re itching to be embedded in these skills, but each one of them is carefully articulated in its own Lesson and Topic series so that you get the deeper context between the what, how and why of each one of these skills and protocols. If you start practicing without any understanding of how to integrate these tools, do you think you’ll be serving your clients? Do you think you’ll be learning? Do you think you’ll potentially generate some bad habits because you’re not contextually aligned with the work? Please. Just watch. Then move forward with your learning as it’s unfolded within the logic and flow of the program.
  2. You’ll see that I spend a lot of time in the session in the Astral body. I’m doing it on purpose! Any disease, illness, pain, syndrome has roots in the Astral body. The physical body is the tail wagging the dog. Once something is organized in the physical body as an illness, it’s spent a while festering and at the whim of Astral/emotional energies that were either somatized into the Etheric body, and left in an unexamined, unresolved state in the Astral. That’s a big deal. To treat a physical illness, you also need to address the emotional underpinnings, or you’re simply attempting to offset the illness with an Etheric clearing without regard for the Astral contribution that informs the illness or disease. That’s not a treatment strategy, nor will it evolve and resolve the physical issues.
  3. The Session opening you’ll be watching is different than what you learned in the Astral practitioner program. You’ll learn that next so that you can begin practicing the opening and becoming comfortable with the process. The Session closing is the same as what you’ve done in the Astral program. You should be quite comfortable with it by now. You won’t be relearning those practices, but you’ll see that I teach them again in the video as a refresher for you.

Next steps:

Watch the Demonstration video, and then proceed to the next series of Lessons that accompany opening and closing a session.


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