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Preparing your Energy for Channeling includes a couple of essential steps, and assumes that you have your grounding cord in place, have run energy and set your chakras for self-containment, self-awareness and self-responsibility. These skills were shared in the Present of Presence course (Grounding, Chakra Setting) and CLEAR (Running Energy).

To Prepare your Energy for Channeling, you’ll shift your process for Grounding and Running Energy as follows:

Hunkering Down

Bring your awareness to your first chakra

Create a ball of green energy, as wide as your hips

Let the ball drop, and as it drops, it forms a cord of energy that moves down to the center of the Earth

Loop the cord back up to your first chakra

Lightening Up

Bring your awareness to your crown chakra

Bring a bright, sparkling ball of golden Cosmic energy through your crown, down your back into the first chakra

See illustration:

You’ll Flow the Energy

Scoop up a bit of green Earth energy to join the Cosmic flow

The energy moves up the front of your body and disburses out of your crown chakra

The energy is distributed throughout your field, clearing out your ‘pipes’ and incrementally elevating your vibration

As you work with this process, notice the shifts or changes in how you experience your energy. It’s important to develop your discernment and be able to ascertain distinctions in how your energy is flowing.

Please download the pdf file of the Preparing to Channel information to add to your course materials.

Then continue to the mp3 recording in the next activity to practice Preparing for Channeling.

Do you have any questions about Hunkering Down or Lightening up? Drop them in the comments below.

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