Description & Illustrations for Resetting your Energy after Channeling Copy

While the order of Resetting your Energy for channeling is not a mandate, there is a logic to the process that is worth thinking through.

Here we go:

When you’ve been channeling, your conscious awareness is housed at the top of the cylinder, where you’ve merged with your Lifetime or Healing Guide. Thus, the first step is to separate from your guide and have it/him/her move up and out of the cylinder.

Your grounding cord has been released. To return your awareness to your body, it’s helpful to have a grounding cord in place to receive your conscious awareness and to smooth the landing and integration process. Therefore, your second step is to establish your grounding. You won’t use the Preparing for Channeling grounding, (Hunker Down), rather you’ll use the Grounding skill that reflects your everyday awareness and connection to the Earth. (You learned this skill in The Present of Presence.)

The third step is to release the cylinder. You’ll simply visualize using the same golden, Cosmic energy to clear out the cylinder before having it disappear.

You’ll Run Energy to refill, refresh and replenish your Astral body, and to be sure that you’ve released any residual silver or white energy. You learned this skill in CLEAR.

Next, you’ll Set Chakras so that your energy is aligned, balanced and appropriately resonating with you and your embodied life. Again, you learned the chakra settings in The Present of Presence.

Once your chakras are set, you’ll Set Auric Boundaries to create distinction and containment for your aura, and to invite energy, (not beings), to come and go appropriately within the context and harmony of your autonomy and sovereignty.

You’ll reset your grounding to anchor your body, support your integration and ensure that you are wholly and fully present.

Lastly, you’ll Reverse Polarities. Stand up, bend over and reach your arms and fingers toward your toes. You need not spend more than a few seconds with your polarity reversed. Imagine dumping the excess energy from your crown so that you have no residual energies remaining from channeling. This is especially helpful if you come out of a channeling session feeling either light headed or like your head is heavy and dense.


Next steps:

Please download the Resetting your Energy pdf files to add to your Conscious Channeling resources, and then proceed to the last activity in this module which will prepare you for our live Q&A call.