Developing Integrated Treatment Strategies

A Winning Formula

You have built expertise creating a Treatment Strategy for your Astral client sessions. You’re now going to be creating Treatment Strategies that integrate both Astral and Etheric clearing skills and protocols.

When you work in the Etheric body, you want your choice of skills and protocols to be tied quite tightly to the client’s case. In other words, if the case is related to digestive issues, such as Irritable Bowel, C-Diff or low digestive fire, you don’t want to be working on the Etheric heart chakra. Rather, you’d work on the Etheric 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras, depending on the symptoms and diagnosis.

Additionally, you’ll want to remember the ‘Less is More’ approach to working in the Etheric body. Too much emphasis in a session on the Etheric body can lead to the client having difficulty integrating the work you’ve done. The Etheric mechanics are so complex, all the energies have to resolve and integrate with every shift in the field. Focus your treatment strategy in a 60-70% Astral and 30-40% Etheric approach, and you’ll do right by your clients. Of course, if you’re doing an Etheric Chelation, then that is the majority of the session. There’s no Energy Balancing, you don’t do the Session closing (Setting the Chakras, Partnering the Chakras, Setting Auric Boundaries). You might simply do the Anchoring to ensure the client is grounded and connected to the Earth and Cosmic field.

There’s one protocol that is powerfully effective for every integrated treatment strategy. Can you guess which one? (I wish I could hide the answer under a piece of paper so that you could do a big reveal! But since I can’t, I’ll just tell you. Releasing Extremities. While I didn’t do this multiple times during the Astral & Etheric session demonstration, I generally do it 2-3 times in a session, even if the case is primarily Astral. Why? Because everyone stuff’s emotions. Once they’re in the Etheric body, they gum up the works. No one needs that!

As you begin to look at your practice client cases, feel free to bring your Treatment Strategies to Office Hours. We can look at them (in a fairly generic way, since we can’t do too much work with individual cases for client confidentiality purposes), and make sure you’ve got a solid approach based on the generic information you share about the case.

Along the Less is More Continuum

Furthering the thinking on Astral & Etheric Treatment Strategies, remember to focus on the Etheric aura as a resource for exchanging spent Etheric energy with fresh, vital Prana. While it’s a less targeted approach than working on an Etheric chakra, the Etheric body is always happy to take up an infusion of Prana, and will distribute the energy wherever it needs to go. Unlike the Astral body, where you truly can’t go wrong if you clear an Astral chakra that’s not centered on the client’s case, you don’t want to put a lot of emphasis on clearing Etheric chakras unless they’re tied specifically to the case, and you don’t want to spend lots of time on the chakra that you’re clearing. In the Astral body, you can hang out on a chakra for 8-10 minutes (usually in 3-4 two or three minute blocks). In the Etheric body, that would be a mistake. Way too much clearing taking place, requiring a lot of energy spent integrating and acclimating to the shifts in the field. If someone is seriously ill, they’re expending energy integrating instead of using the energy clearing and infusions to heal. It’s great to Untangle Nadis, Comb Health Rays, those protocols are very helpful to the Etheric body, and may have more impact than putting a major focus on an Etheric chakra.

From Astral to Etheric and Back Again

You can run an integrated session that moves between the two bodies. Simply be clear and intentional on what you’re doing. Clearing Emotional Energy, Astral 2nd, Clearing 2nd Etheric chakra, etc. In fact, it’s actually preferable to move between the two bodies.

For example, if your client case includes a lot of anger, but the client finds that they’re uncomfortable expressing anger with many of the people in their intimate circle, there’ll be lots of somatized anger in the Etheric body. Clearing Emotional Energy and Releasing Programming in the Astral and then Releasing Extremities in the Etheric is a brilliant way to ensure that you’re tackling the issue in both bodies. Because you’ve already worked on the emotion in the Astral, it’ll be ready for release in the Etheric as well.

Next steps:

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