Easing Pain & Cooling Inflammation

A simple, effective protocol

When clients have injuries, chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, neuropathy they may have inflammation and be experiencing varying degrees of pain. You can provide relief and support healing by the protocol to help with Easing Pain & Cooling Inflammation. Sometimes your client case will be centered around the pain or injury, I used to see a lot of Fibromyalgia clients in my practice, and was routinely involved in working with clients who had sprains, breaks, sports injuries, etc.

One case comes to mind with a client who had a frozen shoulder. The general rule of thumb is that it takes four months for a shoulder to freeze, four months spent with it fully frozen and another four months for it to thaw. That’s a year! The entire year can be spent with sharp, ‘broken glass’ type pain in the shoulder, along with nerve pain that travels down the arm and out the hand when provoked by moving the arm in a way that generates the broken glass feeling. It’s awful.

This particular client worked with me and an acupuncturist to resolve his frozen shoulder more quickly. He was a tennis player and wanted to be ready for the summer tournament season. We met weekly and the majority of the Etheric aspects of the session were spent Releasing Extremities and Easing Pain & Cooling InflammationThe acupuncturist and I were colleagues, and we coordinated our care, with the blessing of this client who was super motivated to heal. I won’t disclose any of the Astral (emotional) issues that contributed to the frozen shoulder, but he and I worked those themes as well.

The client was able to resolve the frozen shoulder, without surgery, (which was recommended by his doctor, but had unpredictable outcomes) in just under 7 months. His doctor was amazed, thought the acupuncturist and I were unsung heroes. Fortunately, both the acupuncturist and I were very clear that the client was the catalyst for the healing, it all came from within himself, with us as supporting cast members!

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