Etheric Chelation

An Etheric Detox

An Etheric Chelation is a detox for the Etheric body. It is used when someone is recovering from an illness, such as the flu, or in our latest version of reality, COVID-19. It can also be used on people who are chronically ill, have perhaps taken a lot of pharmaceutical medications to treat their illness, have had chemotherapy, radiation, or other toxic therapies designed to make people well (!). I am not taking a jab at the medical system with that statement, it’s simply unfortunate that we have developed a medical model that has created chemical versions of the active agents from plant, without incorporating the inert aspects of the plants to balance the toxicity load.

Anyone who is or has taken pharmaceutical drugs to treat a chronic illness and has taken these drugs for long periods of time will have toxic Etheric energy. Anyone who has low quality Etheric energy, as a result of illness, drug use (including drugs taken for psychological issues and illnesses), or who is recovering from an acute short-term illness but not feeling back to their normal vitality, is a candidate for an Etheric Chelation.

A client who has a lot of somatized emotion is NOT a candidate for an Etheric Chelation. The appropriate response to suppressed or repressed emotional energy is clearing in the Astral body, primarily using the Clearing Emotional Energy and Releasing Programming skills to offload the emotions, as well as perhaps clear resistance to acknowledging and experiencing their emotions, Releasing Extremities and teaching the client skills to do their own clearing on the unwelcome or disallowed emotions.

An Etheric Chelation is the entire session

Unlike any other skills and protocols that you have learned and applied in either the Astral or the Etheric practitioner programs, this protocol takes about 45 minutes to complete, and it is the only thing done in the session besides infusing with Prana.

Most practitioners run 1-hour sessions, so this protocol will consume the session, and is a substantial treatment that stands alone. You do not need to do the Session Opening that you’ve learned in this program, nor the Session Closing that you’ve been doing where you set and partner the chakras, establish the auric boundaries and anchor the field.

Encourage the client to rest and integrate after the session

The client is likely to feel deeply relaxed (many of them go to sleep during the treatment). When the session is completed, encourage them to get up very slowly, and allow for extra time for them to do so. Encourage them to stay warm, drink clear liquids, eat nourishing food, stay away from sugar and alcohol, to allow their body to integrate without a lot of toxic input. You’ll also want to let the client know that it’s likely the detox will continue for a couple of days, to take it easy and slow, and not be concerned if they feel a little more tired than usual. It’s part of the healing process.

This is a lot of work & ergonomics are important

You will see a lot of different hand positions as I move through the Etheric Chelation protocol with my client. You’ll have an assignment to practice the hand positions on a practice client several times before attempting to do this protocol in real time. If you position yourself incorrectly, your body can have a rough time feeling comfortable because you hold each position up to 2 minutes. Additionally, if you point your fingertips in the wrong direction, you can be pulling energy out of the client and putting it right back in! That’s not effective at all! Beyond that, if your hand positions are incorrect it can make it very difficult to transition to the next point on the body.

The protocol builds momentum as you proceed through the points

Read this carefully. If you miss a point, you have a problem. You have to back up to the previous point, pick up the energy and proceed forward again. If you miss more than one point in a row, you’ve likely lost the flow of the process. Practicing the points repeatedly until you’ve got them down is essential. Don’t try and do this protocol without practicing the points first.

Read this carefully. Your hands are on the body from the beginning of the protocol through to the end. If you take both hands off of the body, you’ll likely drop the flow of energy, and you have to start all over again. If you’re within 3 points of completing the protocol, that’s a big disappointment. Additionally, if you have back-to-back clients, you won’t be able to complete a do-over.

Take your time internalizing this protocol. And bring your questions about it to Office Hours! This one’s a doozy!

Next steps:

Proceed to the video for additional information about the Etheric Chelation so that you’re ready to watch the Demonstration: Etheric Chelation.


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