Etheric Containment

Keeping your Aura Contained

As you begin working in the Etheric body, you’ll start to develop familiarity with the denseness of the energy, and the at times, sluggish, viscous quality of the energy in the aura. Your Etheric aura need not be impacted by whatever quality of energy you uncover in your client’s Etheric body. Even a healthy, vibrant, vital teenager has Etheric sludge-like energy in their field.

Etheric Containment¬†is an energy hygiene skill for creating distinction between your energy and your client’s energy, and for ensuring that you are receiving a steady stream of Prana into your field through your client sessions.

You’re already familiar with the sensations that may occur as you work on a client’s energy and experience energy sloughing off through your Etheric Grounding (the roots extending 12′ into the Earth from the feet chakras), if you were to feel a similar sensation of releasing from your Etheric aura as a result of working in your client’s field, you’d need to sleep for 4 days after a full day of clients! It would be a seriously depleting experience, unlike what occurs with your feet chakras where you’re simply ensuring that anything you inadvertently picked up is released without effort.

When you apply Etheric Containment in your Etheric aura, your energy feels contained, enlivened, and truth be told, you’re giving yourself a nice infusion of Prana to support your body and release spent Etheric energy. We could call it a healing, except that’s not the intention of the process. In other words, you’re in session to support your clients, you’re not focused on what’s in it for you.

The Etheric aura is a major conduit for energy into your chakras and aura

As you work in your client’s field, your hands are in contact with their body and their Etheric and Astral chakras and aura. Your body may be physically extended above the surface of the client’s body as you reach for and release energy in the field. Your body may brush up against your client’s body as your clear and release energy. All of these experiences have the potential to interact with the client’s Etheric energy and take their releases into your body.

Etheric energy is qualitative, and a client who is ill and depleted will have lower vitality than you’re likely to have. How much low vitality do you want and need from your clients? The answer is NONE!

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