Etheric Neutrality


You’ll Attract Cases that Interest You

Depending on your modality, or perhaps your natural curiosity, you may find that you’re working with a lot of similar physical issues with your clients.

For example, in my private practice many of my clients have digestive and auto-immune issues. I deal with a lot of people who are anxious and fearful. Many of them have trauma-related energies that we’re working on releasing. The core organs are often part of my treatment strategies. Emotions are somatized and end up in the digestive system, or are more systemic and show up as auto-immune related problems like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, etc.

Why these type of cases? Because I’ve got a curiosity and interest in mind-body implications, particularly as they relate to anxiety, depression, fear, trauma and auto-immune conditions.

What came first? The clients with these issues or my interest in the issues? Truthfully, I suspect it’s a both/and situation. The one attracts the other, and vice versa.

Enter Etheric Neutrality

When clients have physical issues that become known to the practitioner, Etheric Neutrality becomes a resource for keeping the practitioner’s energy separate and distinct from the impaired organ, system that the client is experiencing. As you treat your clients with physical issues, your energy will interact with those issues unless you have adequate energy hygiene in place. The reason practitioners who are clairsentient (feel energy) are able to ‘know’ about their client’s physical aches, pains and issues is because they feel them in their own body! It’s not that the clairsentient practitioner immediately has a case of tennis elbow or contracts Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) when their client shows up for treatment for these or other afflictions. However, the practitioner’s organ, system, gland, is resonating with the client’s information because it has been unconsciously accessed and brought into the practitioner’s energy body. Tennis elbow isn’t such a bad thing, right? There’s nothing terminal about it, it can be treated and resolved. But do you want your intestines cramping and possibly needing an emergency bathroom break in the middle of your session with an IBS client? Me either!

Understand that feeling your client’s stuff doesn’t make you a great practitioner, it makes you a porous practitioner. Over time, that porosity can cost you your own health and well-being. Why go there? Why give yourself issues to resolve in service of your clients?

Further considerations

Think about doctors and nurses, dentists and their technicians. They’re people who are intimately connected to their patients and their health issues. They are aware of the implications of their practice, and they take appropriate measures to minimize risk for themselves and their patients. They’re not worried about picking up a cancer or diabetes cell, they’re concerned about viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites. Unseen organisms that create havoc in the physical body.

Energy is also unseen. And the body is vibrating in some sort of compromised fashion when there’s an illness, syndrome, disease being treated.

Muscles and fascia, the spinal cord, joints have been proven to hold emotional memory. A release on a massage table, or during chiropractic or other body work gives us that insight. The memory is a recollection, sure. It’s also energy. While less of an issue than the energetic implications of a disease or illness, many a practitioner has reported working on a muscular or structural issue and then found themselves with the same issue within a few days.

Etheric Neutrality creates distinction and separation, isolation of what is yours and what belongs to your client.

Next steps:

Proceed to the Topics associated with this Lesson. You’ll download the pdf and mp3 files, and apply the skill. Then listen to practitioners reflect on their experience with Etheric Neutrality before reading the summary of the skill.

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