If You’d Like to Engage Before Our Live Workshop & Group Clearing

What are you wanting to let go?

What do you want to create?

What patterns/themes are you ready to release?

What relationships do you want to evolve?

What are you committing to work on with the CLEAR skills?

Pick one thing and commit to it.
Give some thought to how you imagine feeling, being, experiencing your life as you let something go, manifest something new.
Don’t get attached to details, rather invite an impression, a sensation, a feeling to emerge in your awareness.

If you’d like to share what you’re working on in the Comments are below, I’ll be aware of what you’re planning, and will have your ‘project’ in mind as we head into the workshop. Others may want to share their thoughts on your project, too.

You’ll get two reminder emails, one 2 days before the workshop/group clearing and the other 1-hour before. I’m interested in live participation. I don’t want you to think that you can skip the event and catch the replay. This is a show-up and do event. I am not committing to recording the experience. Other people will be talking and sharing from their hearts. If you’re not there, you’re not really entitled to experience their vulnerability. Capiche?

2 thoughts on “If You’d Like to Engage Before Our Live Workshop & Group Clearing”

  1. I will clear unworthiness, incapability, shock, ineffectiveness, and powerlessness. I will embrace taking charge, confidence in my abilities, joy & gracefully accepting leadership in my life when appropriate.

    • As you work on this in the class today, see if there might be one word that sums all of this up. For example, disempowered comes to mind to me, but that might be my word, not yours. We can discuss as we move into the class. I love what you’re claiming for yourself! It’s gorgeous!


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