Integrating & Owning Your Self-care Skills

Integrating the chakra and aura self-care skills

You’ve learned and practiced and downloaded a suite of integrated skills that work beautifully together to support your always unfolding journey of evolving from wherever you are now and becoming more of Who You Are.

The invitation I’m extending to you now is to deepen your work. To make these tools your own.

Let them support you by cultivating and growing your clearing practice. 

Do you do yoga? See if you can breathe, stretch into a pose and clear.
Enjoy going for walks? You can walk and clear.
Spend time meditating? Part of your meditation can be active, clearing preceded or followed by your stillness practice.
Run the treadmill? Yes, run and clear.

Listen to the meditations a few times. Create a mini-practice by listening to two or three skills together. 

A couple of FAQs

Q: Do I have to do every one of these skills every time I sit down to do a clearing?

A: No. You truly don’t. There are some skills that are important to do with every clearing, like Running Energy, Setting Auric Boundaries, Setting Chakras and Grounding. You can mix and match the remainder of the skills based on what inspires you, or perhaps what feels relevant in the clearing session. Or more powerfully yet, you might create a protocol of skills that you use to work on a ‘project’, like overcoming your defensiveness or opening to love.

Q: What might a typical practice look like?

A: Here’s my perspective on this. Get to know the tools and you’ll build a practice that hums for you. You’ll become skillful and resourceful at knowing which energies are most active in your field, and the choice of tools becomes quite obvious. When you clear energy in your Astral body, you can’t go wrong. Even if it would have been an important and helpful thing to be sure to include Clearing Cords in your practice today because you’re meeting with your difficult boss who reminds you of your difficult mother, your work today was not for nought. You’ve shifted, grown, healed, evolved. It’s inevitable if you’re actively and routinely clearing energy.

To help you think further and begin to develop protocols for whatever issues you’d like to address within yourself, check out the scenarios I offer below, and the skills that come together to form a protocol for ongoing clearing.

Creating protocols

Scenario 1 — Evolving a difficult relationship


    • Identifying the emotions you have when you’re with this person
    • Mine vs Not Mine — return energy that belongs to this person
    • Clear Emotional Energy in your chakras (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Chakras are safe bets for clearing)
    • Clear Cords in the same chakras
    • Release Agreements with this person, if you can identify patterns or behaviors that are typical themes, identify or acknowledge them in your mind as you move into the clearing
    • Release Programming if the behaviors, patterns, themes are common ones for you, and this person is someone who acts them out with you.
      • Identify the source of the programming, for example, if guilt is a theme, and your mother wanted you to take care of her and shamed you when you didn’t, Clear Cords with your mother as well
    • Run Energy
    • Set & Partner Chakras
    • Create Auric Boundaries
    • Ground

Scenario 2 — Evolving a long-standing pattern or issue


    • Releasing Programming— if you’ve done it for a long time, it’s programmed into your wiring!
    • Clearing Karma — you may have an ongoing Karmic interest that generates the energy for this behavior, pattern or theme
    • Releasing Agreements — who brings the behavior out in you? Tear up Agreements with them related to the behavior
    • Destroy Contracts — same as Agreements
    • Clear Cords — with the people with whom you act out the pattern, theme or behavior
    • Run Energy
    • Set & Partner Chakras
    • Create Auric Boundaries
    • Ground

Scenario 3 — Manifesting something new


    • Clear Emotional Energy — any emotions that stand between you manifesting your intention
    • Release Programming — any thematic energy patterns that stand between you manifesting your intention
    • Clear Cords — with anyone who has an investment in you remaining as you are, in you not manifesting your intention
    • Destroy Contracts — anyone who has an investment in you remaining as you are, in you not manifesting your intention
    • Run Energy
    • Set & Partner Chakras
    • Create Auric Boundaries
    • Ground

Scenario 4 — Letting go of emotional patterns, like anxiety, depression, fear, rage, etc.


    • Identify where you feel the emotion in your body (ex: upper chest constriction, butterflies in stomach, guts clench). This offers clues to the chakra that holds the emotion
    • Mine vs. Not Mine 
    • Clear Emotional Energy — focus on the Chakras that you know are holding the emotion
    • Clear Cords — with anyone who resonates with this emotion (you don’t have to know who they all are, just say ‘hello’ with the intention of Clearing Cords with those who resonate)
    • Release Programming— emotional patterns are imprinted behaviors, aka programming. Let it go!
    • Run Energy
    • Set & Partner Chakras
    • Create Auric Boundaries
    • Ground

See how it works? The brilliant benefit of energy clearing? No matter what skill you choose and apply, you’ll release energy, you’ll move forward and onward. Letting go is letting go. Each clearing is a permanent turn on the evolutionary spiral of Who You Are.

Two Final Thoughts

  1. Pick a project and stick with it for a while. Working on your relationship with your mother today and overcoming your anxiety tomorrow is less effective than working deeply and broadly with an issue. Especially as you’re honing in on internalizing the self-care skills and developing an integrated practice.

    Once you feel anchored with the tools, you can work on anything, anywhere, anytime. Chakra and aura clearing skills are incredibly portable!

  2. Remember that energy clearing is usually iterative. Do miracles happen and a one and done clearing occurs? Yes. Once in a while. It’s akin to hitting the lottery jackpot. Plan the work and work the plan. You’ll move mountains. I’ve seen clients and students overcome lifelong behaviors and habits, including some chunky ones like chronic depression & anxiety, self-hatred, rage, phobias, in a very short period of time.

Next steps:

Depending on your progression with the material, next up is our live Q&A call. If you have completed all of these skills and practices, be sure you’ve downloaded the mp3 meditations and the skill illustrations for your reference library. The course will be live for six months from the date it launched, so you have plenty of time to return to the material and review any of the Lessons and Topics. 

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