Let’s get real about energy, spirituality and healing!

What shall we talk about?

I don’t have an agenda of topics for us to discuss, though I could talk for hours on lots of the topics I’m listing below. I want this to be a group conversation. I want our time to be informal, conversational, informative, evocative and expansive.

When people begin to learn about energy, to expand their connection to the Universe, their holistic selves, they typically search. In fact, we call people like this ‘seekers’. Perhaps you’ve done this a little bit already. Or maybe a lot! You’ve read, attended classes, watched videos on YouTube and other channels. You’ve meditated, learned some energy skills, visited healers and practitioners.

Somehow, you found me and EHI. And now you’re here, anticipating this meeting where we’ll get real about energy, spirituality and healing.

Why is this important? Why do you care?

Because if you’re like me, like others who have landed at EHI, you care about knowing what’s what. Separating fact from fiction. Some of the things you’ve learned ring true, feel ‘spot on’. And others feel sketchy, off, fluffy or ungrounded.

You’ve voted on topics you’d like to talk about together. Once we’ve completed the top 5 topics, we’ll continue down the list and keep rolling. We’ll cover as many topics as we can in our online meeting. Then we’ll see where we are. We may want to continue as a cohort for a while. We may feel complete and ready to move forward.

I’m excited about this gathering! I can’t wait to hang out with you!

See you soon,

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