Listen to the mp3 and practice channeling a SME Copy


Using one of your projects that you’ve been working on with your Healing and Lifetime Guide, give some thought to how a SME would support your thinking, evolution, shifts, manifestation.

What kind of expertise would be useful?

Physical movement

Whatever you might need can be accessed through your Lifetime or Healing Guide. Remember that in the merged state created with either of your guides, you are absolutely connected to the SME’s guidance. It’s not a third hand conversation. It’s your merged state benefitting from your guide’s ability to resource a SME who can address and advise on your needs and interests.

Make a few notes on what you’re specifically looking to answer. If you have trouble staying up in the cylinder (which is not unusual when first learning to channel consciously), then consider recording your questions so you can play them back while you’re in the channeling system.

If you have a secondary recording option to verbally channel the answers to your inquiries to listen to after you’ve completed your dialogue with the SME, that’s ideal.

Since you’re practicing a new skill, if you’re seeking advice that could affect your health, well-being, legal or financial status, use your judgment on proceeding with the advice. Further research, meditating on the information, seeking embodied expertise to vet what you channeled, and ignoring the advice altogether may be the right approach.

One of the spiritual/New Age fallacies that concerns me is watching people who take any advice that comes from a ‘guide’ as gospel. Your own wisdom, autonomy and sovereignty are your most important resources for living an empowered and embodied life!

When you’re ready, listen to the mp3 to channel a SME for your issue or concern in collaboration with either your Lifetime or Healing Guide, depending on the topic.

Please share your responses to the questions below once you’ve completed the meditation.

And remember to download the mp3 meditation to add to your Conscious Channeling resource library.


How did channeling a SME go for you? Were you able to sense the connection with the SME? Did the dialogue and answers flow relatively easily?

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