Major & Minor Chakras

In the Etheric body, less is more

You’re going to connect with this message repeatedly throughout the Etheric program. Think about the thousands of chakras and nadis that must all integrate and interact with one another for optimal wellness. When someone has a physical disease or illness, they need to have high quality energy to help them heal, shift, grow and evolve.

The physical body and its wellness is often a result of the ‘tail wagging the dog’. In other words, lots of things contribute to illness, including diet, exercise, of course, perhaps parasites or bacteria overgrowth, but there’s so much more. Our bodies are the vehicle for our experiences, and whatever we think, feel, believe and know about ourselves, our relationship to others, our inherent goodness (or perceived not so goodness) are part of the story of our body and who we are.

When someone has an illness and is wanting to heal and move beyond that illness, you can support their physical body’s energy by clearing in a variety of ways.

Choosing to clear energy in one of the Major chakras (the 7 Major Etheric chakras) is often a better choice than clearing in one of the thousands of Minor Etheric chakras. Whatever you choose, less is more. You can hang out in an entire session clearing energy in the 2nd Astral chakra and never have a fully cleared chakra! In the Etheric body, clearing an Etheric chakra is done carefully, for up to about two minutes. There’s no need to repeatedly clear an Etheric chakra in a session as the need to integrate with the rest of the energy body is part of the process.

You’ll be quite familiar with the process as you’ve done it before. You’re simply spending less time on the task, and being very clear and intentional about the clearing work. You’re also not connecting to an emotional pattern or story, people or experiences the same way you do when Clearing Emotional Energy.

Next steps:

Watch the preparation video for Clearing the Major & Minor Chakras prior to watching the Demonstration: Clearing Major & Minor Etheric Chakras.

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