Pick a Project to work on with your Lifetime Guide Copy

Take a breath. Take a moment.

What calls you? What are you seeking? What growth, evolution, mastery do you desire?

What are you birthing into form, into your life?

What is emerging for you in your consciousness, in your experience, that you’d like to work on with your Lifetime Guide?

Choose something that resonates, that you can work with for a while. Choose something that inspires or compels you forward, that you deeply want to manifest or evolve.

It need not be your biggest challenge, your worst fear, behavior or belief. In fact, for the purposes of learning in this Masterclass, I’d encourage you to pick something inspiring, positive, that excites and stimulates your curiosity and creativity. Whatever it is, pick that!

When you actually begin to work with your Lifetime Guide, the merging of your energies will occur. The majority of your energy and awareness remains in your body. However, the part of you that is aligned with and can engage with your guides will be up at the top of the cylinder.

The merging process is simply a shared agreement to engage and interact, and is quite seamless to execute.

You may want to consider verbal channeling so that you can record the insights and information you receive and can listen to the recording afterwards. When you channel, it’s very difficult to retain the insights and information because the part of you that is most actively conscious is up in the cylinder, merged with your Lifetime Guide. Thus, the embodied part of you is less able to hold and retain any information that comes through.

When you channel verbally, the information is delivered through your fifth chakra, using shared vocabulary. Some of the language may be part of your lexicon, and some may be more contextual to your guide’s language and ways of communicating. This is totally normal.

It’s not necessarily common to have foreign languages or accents as part of the conscious channeling process. It happens occasionally, but truly is not the norm.

Should you notice that you’re having difficulty conveying the information, either the words are coming out very slowly, or your voice is barely audible, there’s a remedy that you can apply to reset how your fifth chakra is engaging with your guide.

Imagine a button on your fifth chakra that you can press that will reset the chakra and bring it into alignment with the channeling process.

OK, let’s get this party started!

Before you move into the meditation, jot down a few questions or ideas to discuss with your LG that you’d like to receive input, insights or guidance on to help you move forward with your project. Feel free to use the Project Descriptions & Questions pdf file to frame your thoughts and ideas.

If you’re inclined to share your project below, your cohort will benefit from knowing what’s underway in our collective cauldron.

Please download the Project Descriptions & Questions for your Lifetime Guide pdf and the Merging & Verbal Channeling pdf below to add to your Conscious Channeling resources.

Then move forward to the meditation for collaborating with your Lifetime Guide on your project.


Please share your project with us. What are you exploring, wanting to create and manifest. What do you feel inspired to bring into form with the help and guidance of your Lifetime Guide? I’m excited to read your replies!

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