Practice mp3 Dialoguing & Clearing with your Lifetime Guide Copy


You’ll complete this meditation before you merge with your Lifetime Guide. Be sure to download it to your computer and add it to your reference library on Conscious Channeling.

You’ll do the preparation for channeling, running the energy, setting the space, you’ll release your grounding and run silver or white energy through your field. You’ll invite your LG into the cylinder, and you’ll engage in a dialogue, determining which skills are important to apply before actively merging and channeling guidance.

It’s a pretty simple process of asking yes or no questions:

Do we have Emotional Energy or Cords that need clearing?
Do we have Karma together?
Do we have Agreements, Programming, Contracts?

You’ll ask your questions, get your answers, and then do the clearing work. You won’t get it all taken care of in one sitting. No worries! You have lots of time and opportunity to do a little clearing each time you engage with your guides. As you do so, you’ll evolve and so will your LG!

Enjoy the meditation and the clearing!

When you’re finished, you’ll be moving on to choosing a project for ongoing work with your Lifetime Guide.


What did you notice and experience as you cleared energy with your Lifetime Guide? Did anything in particular stand out?

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