Practicum: Treatment Strategies

Design and Upload Two Treatment Strategies

For this aspect of the Etheric Practicum, you’ll design and upload two Treatment Strategies.


Choose two practice client cases that you feel confident submitting because:

  • you understand the integrated Astral & Etheric case
  • you feel clear about the treatment approach
  • the client seems to be benefitting from working with you

Create and upload to this Practicum page, two Treatment Strategies based on the client cases. Treatment Strategies must be typed and submitted in pdf format.

To successfully complete this Assignment, we will need:

  1. Description of the client case, based on your Case Intake process. Include the diagnosis, or physical issue, and the Astral emotions, behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, patterns that you’ve identified and will be addressing as you work on the case with your client.
  2. The Intention you’ve crafted for your ongoing work with the client and the case
  3. The integrated Astral & Etheric tablework skills you’ll be applying and the rationale for using them (I’m choosing this skill because…)
  4. What emotions, patterns, themes, behaviors, people you’ll ‘say hello’ to during the treatments
  5. Symptom palette that the client is experiencing with the physical illness or diagnosis
  6. Any insights into chakra settings (too open, or closed) or rotation issues (counterclockwise vs. clockwise)

Acceptable Assignment Formats:

Two pdf files, 1 per Treatment Strategy, with typed, full written sentences, appropriate grammar and punctuation, no typos, responding to the questions in the order above. [Assignments that are handwritten, or typed but laden with grammatical and typographical errors  will be rejected. Thank you.] If grammar is not your jam, that’s totally fine, simply have a friend or colleague do an edit of your Treatment Strategy before submitting it.

Next steps

Proceed to the next Lesson to be clear about the Practicum requirements for documented sessions.

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