Preparing for Your Practicum

You’ve arrived!

You are nearing the end of Evolving the Astral Body. You’ve completed an enormous body of work. And it’s time to show us your stuff! We’re looking forward to reviewing your work and to signing off your practicum.

There are several pieces to the Practicum, so be sure to download the Practicum Checklist from this page to be sure that you complete each aspect of the work required.

Practicum Requirements:

Treatment Strategies pdfs: 2 strategies based on two different practice client cases. Include: the presenting issue, the intention, the chakra and aura tablework skills you’ll apply, what you’re ‘saying hello’ to, including people, patterns, behaviors, themes, etc., and which chakras are involved. Instead of using people’s names, use their roles, i.e., mother, sibling, cousin, friend, neighbor, boss.

Teaching Skills MP3s: 4 skills, Mine vs. Not Mine, Clearing Emotional Energy and two other skills you’ll choose. You’ll record yourself teaching them to practice clients, including ‘selling’ the skill, describing how the skill is practiced, leading the client through a guided meditation to apply the skill.

Sessions Log PDF: using the Session Log Template provided, document your 60 hours of client cases. A minimum of 8 sessions/client must be completed to be considered for the Practicum. Any fewer hours will cause the Practicum to be rejected, and those clients with less than 8 hours will not be included in the 60 session hour requirement for Program Completion.

Your Brightest, Shiniest Client PDF: Show us your very best client series. The Case Intake, Intention, Treatment Strategy, Session Notes and the skills you taught for the client’s ongoing evolution. The case should be presented in the order of sessions so we can see how the case unfolded. The Brightest, Shiniest Client will be reviewed by Jill with feedback coming from her directly on this case. We think you’ll learn a lot from Jill’s review of your client case.

Client Session Video MP4: A complete session, ideally with a new client. Demonstrate your Case Intake, Tablework and if it feels appropriate, any skills that you want to teach the client based on the case. To be accepted, the video must show the entire massage table. Wherever possible, you’ll be on the far side of the table from the video camera so we can watch your work. If your back is to the camera, we will reject the video as unwatchable. You’ll do the majority of the session on one side of the table, even though that is not how you’d run a client session in your practice. The Case Intake needs to be conducted near the video camera, whether it’s on your phone, tablet or computer, or an actual video camera. We don’t need to SEE the intake, we need to HEAR the intake.

Assignment Delivery:

All assignments should be delivered at once, not in stages. We will not begin review of an incomplete Practicum submission. Rather, you will be notified that your Practicum is rejected without review because it is incomplete.

All PDFs and MP3 audios are to be uploaded directly to the Assignment page in the program.

The MP4 video should be uploaded to (you can set up a free account), and the LINK to the video should be shared in an email to [email protected], along with your first and last name in the body of the email.

Assignment Review:

EHI has Practitioner-Instructors who are trained to review all quizzes, assignments and the Practicum materials for the Astral Program. They will review the majority of the work, with Jill Leigh overseeing activities and participating in a collective review process. Jill will review your brightest, shiniest client case and deliver feedback through the document itself. Reviews are completed within 5 business days of a complete Tablework Practicum submission.

Remote Sessions Practicum:

You’ll complete 15 hours of documented remote sessions for the final submission to the program. You’ll learn more about that as you complete the Delivering Remote Sessions Lessons and Topics.

Next steps:

Review the Treatment Strategies requirements for the Practicum.

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  1. Thank you, Jill, for Office Hours! …The energy during the sessions feels bright and peaceful, and the chance to inquire with you and the other students is such a luxury. We’ve covered so much in the last three sessions …enormous abundance!

    …Also, it has been nice to meet you, Sarah and Jude. See you, again, soon 🙂


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