Program Completion & Energetic Assessment Eligibility

Requirements for Program Completion

Please review the requirements to successfully complete Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing. Successful completion will yield a Certificate of Achievement and make you eligible to register for and attend, Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause. While grading is not a major factor in the program, it is important that you devote the time to the material and to your practice client sessions to be ready to work effectively with paid clients. The Program Completion requirements are also available on this page as a download for ease of reference and to help you ensure that you have met all of the criteria for Certification, and eligibility for the Etheric program, should you choose to continue your study of energy healing.

The learning system has been configured so that you progress sequentially through the material, and that assignment requirements pause learning until the Assignment is completed. Thus, you are unable to skip Lessons, continue learning without submitting Assignments. Because this is an online program, these types of metrics and measures are important to ensure that the program is experienced as intended, that we deliver the caliber of the work we’re capable of offering, and that we have confidence that we are preparing practitioners to work with paying clients because they have wholly and fully met the requirements of the program.

Certification does not imply mastery

One of the major concerns that EHI has fielded for years is the idea of becoming a ‘Master’ of energy healing upon receipt of a Certificate of Achievement. Mastery implies one or two things according to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary: complete control, and ‘a very high level of skill or knowledge’.

Mastery takes years. EHI will not consider you a ‘Master’ upon completion of this program (or any of its programs). We will, however, acknowledge that you have achieved the requirements of the program, and are therefore qualified to begin to facilitate energy healing with paying clients in your client practice.

Program Requirements 

  • Completion of all Lessons, Topics, Quizzes
  • Submission of the Practicum elements in their entirety, in appropriate, approved formats for review and feedback from EHI Practitioner-Instructors and/or Jill Leigh.
    • 24 hours of documented, in-person integrated Astral & Etheric practice client sessions – four clients, 6 sessions/client
    • 6 hours of documented remote practice client sessions – two clients, 3 sessions/client
    • 1 videotaped in-person integrated Astral & Etheric session, including all session elements and documentation – Case Intake, Creating an Intention, Treatment Strategy, Session Notes, Skills Protocols
    • 1 videotaped Etheric Chelation 

Eligibility for Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause

A Certificate of Achievement in Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing, conveys your eligibility to register for and begin learning the final program in the practitioner program series, Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause. You are not required to proceed to this program, however many of EHI’s practitioners have completed this program as well. It’s taught live, online, is intensive and complex, and requires the Clairvoyance course as a pre-requisite as well. Click the links if you’d like to learn more about the Clairvoyance prerequisite and Energetic Assessment.

Next steps:

Download the Program Completion Requirements pdf from the Materials tab at the top of this page and proceed to the Lessons on your role as a practitioner.

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