Read a Few Final Thoughts About Clearing Emotional Energy

There are two excellent ways to clear energy.

  1. As part of a regular, ongoing clearing and self-care practice. Several times a week, daily, however often you’d like to do it.
  2. In the moment. You’ve got a fear pattern, and someone invited you to do something that puts you squarely in your fear. Your energy  is pretty darn active in the moment, right? So take a few minutes to center yourself and Clear Emotional Energy. You’ll be disrupting your fear cycle, releasing the charge, and then perhaps you’ll be prepared to move forward. Or not. You’ll still have accomplished some excellent clearing and you’ll be chipping away at the pattern. Well done!

Don’t turn clearing into an all or nothing task. Be realistic. Not every day is designed to allow 30 minutes of meditation and contemplation.

Fifteen minutes one day, 25 minutes on another, 5 minutes on a particularly busy day. All three of those clearing practices will accomplish something, shift your energy and support your evolution to a more resourceful, aligned and balanced you!

Next up: Clearing Cords

This next skill helps you clean up and resolve the energy that gets created through interacting with others. We don’t think a lot about the energy that is created in joyous interactions. (But it is.) We all are aware of the energy that gets created in difficult and stressful interactions. Clearing Cords is a resource for cleaning up the energy of all of your interactions. You can  bring relationships into current time, and diminish the tendency to attract the same type of difficult relationships and interactions into our experience.

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