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A guidance upgrade doesn’t happen without your own energy leading the way. In other words, if you’re not doing your work, attending to your energy, owning and evolving your stuff, your guidance will have no ability to evolve in capacity and capability on your behalf.

It’s all about vibration. When you actively employ your observer self to help you see and understand your patterns, issues, themes, and how they play themselves out in your relationships, interactions and experiences, you pave the way for personal growth and evolution.

When you actively clear the patterns, issues, and themes with the conscious intention to move the needle and find new ways of engaging and experiencing your life, then you let go of old stories and stuff, and find your way into an elevated vibration.

As you continue to explore, release, let go and consciously choose new experiences and interactions and ways of relating, your vibration continues to shift. You operating through and sustaining this elevated vibration. When this is the case, your guidance can upgrade and up-level as well.

It’s not that you’ll have entirely new guides, rather, your Lifetime Guide will be able to bring more to the table, more context, energy, perspective and access. The energy of the aspect that you merge with in the cylinder will be larger, more robust, higher vibration, and the depth and quality of the insights may be much more profound, stimulating and inspiring deeper learning and evolution.

Your Healing Guide may actually be an entirely new one, but that’s more likely to occur if you take on a new modality or advance significantly in your understanding of healing. For example, if you were to pursue an advanced degree in physics, you’d likely engage a different math tutor than you’d need if you were taking liberal arts physics. The same theory applies for your Healing Guide. As a practitioner, the more in-depth your training and modality, the more likely you are to have an upgrade in your Healing Guide as you move into mastery of your form.

When I first connected with my Healing Guide, it took the form of a beloved spirit animal. I was enchanted with this resource, and spent a few years working closely with it on my personal journey. I did not work with my Healing Guide in client sessions, until a scenario emerged where I knew my Healing Guide would be useful.

In preparation for the client session, I connected with my Healing Guide, did some clearing work (Emotional energy, Contracts, Cords, Agreements, Programming and Karma), and when I completed the process, my Healing Guide was in an entirely different form. No more spirit animal, this Healing Guide was now like a shimmering cloud of light. Yet, I recognized the energetic signature. I’d had an upgrade because I was now ready to bring my Healing Guide into my work in my client practice.

Those of you who do not have a client practice can still realize upgrades in guidance. Do you work and trust the process. When your vibration increases, the upgrade will follow.

Be careful of the New Age/spiritual tendency to only want to focus on positive, happy things in your life. That won’t increase your vibration. Because focusing only on the positive, happy things in your life is spiritual bypass, denial. Owning your issues and doing the work to release and let them go is the best vibrational increasing tool there is.

When an upgrade occurs, give yourself time to integrate the new energies and awareness that accompany the upgrade. Sometimes it’s right to get a new name for your guide. (Remember, you name the guide. You’re assigning a name that resonates with you and enables you to find and recall the guides energetic signature.)

If you’ve got a client practice and you have an upgrade in your guidance, take the time to feel anchored and on track with the guide before trotting it out in client sessions. There’s nothing terrible that’s likely to occur, but you want to feel as though you’re bringing your best and most aligned self to your work, and a guidance upgrade can be a bit disconcerting initially.

Once the upgrade occurs, the old version of your guide will no longer be available. You can’t switch between versions. Should something occur in your life that causes a significant vibrational decrease, you’ll still have the same version of the guide that you did prior to the decrease. However, the information and energy available to you from that guide will be proportionately lessened so that you remain in resonance with the guide.

Upgrades in guidance won’t happen on a regular basis. And wanting an upgrade doesn’t bring an upgrade. Increasing your vibration significantly enough to warrant a change in the magnitude of the energy you can comfortably carry is what brings an upgrade. Again, do the work and trust the process.


Have you ever experienced an upgrade in your guides? How did you know that it was an upgrade?

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