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Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘nature abhors a vacuum’?

The phrase articulates the concept that ’empty or unfilled spaces are unnatural as they go against the laws of nature and physics’. Source:

Your energy field (Chakras and Aura) are governed by this concept. If you clear energy, you’ll create a void or vacuum that needs to be filled. This vacuum is most effectively filled with vibrant, clear energy. Otherwise you’ll be right back where you started before your good clearing work!

Additionally, you may create a vacuum in your field through insights and epiphanies that cause a kinesthetic or physical release. You know the kind — your body may shudder, or feel lighter, you may feel the sense of opening and freeing up space when you figure out something important or let something go.

Running Energy is a resource and skill that you’ll use whenever you clear energy, (and this course is all about clearing energy!) in your Chakras and Aura.

Think of it this way.

Energy clearing releases energies that you don’t need and don’t serve you. Running Energyinfuses energies that you do need and will serve you and your well-being.

Running Energy delivers the clean, neutral energy of the Earth and the Cosmos through a specific flow that you’ll imagine and create in an active meditation or guided visualization.

Before you run the flow, read the information below about the Earth and Cosmic energy that you’ll bring in to your field.

Earth & Running Green Energy

The body is part of the Earth, growing in the same way as a tree, plant or bush.  Much of the trees nourishment is received from the Earth through its roots.  Humans have grounding cords that support and nourish the body using energy received directly from the Earth.  The color of the grounding cord is green – like the inside of a beautiful, ripe Kiwi fruit.

Every thing has an electromagnetic field, including the Earth.  The human electromagnetic field (Chakras and Aura) is influenced and supported by the Earth’s field; they resonate or vibrate harmoniously together.

We vibrate in harmony with the Earth’s field through our grounding cord, that is anchored from our first Chakra down into the Earth’s central core. The grounding cord synchronizes with and offers access to the Earth’s energy.  The grounding cord is a conduit for energy flows and it continually nurtures harmonious collaboration with the Earth. By sourcing energy from the Earth through the grounding cord, the energetic relationship between the body, mind and emotions and the Earth is refreshed and replenished.

Note: If you do not have a Grounding practice, I’d invite you to register for my free online class, The Present of Presence. The class offers 2 skills for energetic self-care, including Grounding. 

While accessing Earth energy is generally unconscious, Running Energy brings the relationship to conscious awareness, making it a useful tool for overall well-being.

Cosmos & Running Gold Energy

Cosmic energy is another important resource for energetic and physical wholeness.  Earth energy holds and grounds the body.

Cosmic energy refreshes and nourishes the upper Chakras and the Aura.  Cosmic energy is brilliant, sparkling, glittery gold.  The vibration is noticeably higher than Earth energy, light, buoyant and evocative.

Cosmic energy holds possibilities, the energy of creation.

Running Energy

When you make a practice of clearing your Chakras and Aura and Running Energy, you replenish your field, and you deepen your relationship and understanding of the larger consciousness of the Earth and the Universe.