Read about Taking On (And Giving Back) Other People’s Emotional Energy

Emotions are vibrations. Chakras are vacuums, taking on energy that resonates with the individual and his or her vibration. Someone who operates with a lot of anxious or depressive thoughts will attract depressed and anxious emotional energy shed by others. All emotions operate this way – not just depression and anxiety!

Vacuums aren’t picky. They’ll suck up whatever is in their path. Chakras aren’t picky either. They’ll bring in whatever energy you’re vibrating, it’s a magnetic attraction!

An excessively open 2nd Chakra will attract and take up emotional energy wherever the individual goes in his or her day. The grocery store, the office, a party, the mall – if the 2nd Chakra is excessively open, it’s resonating these energies in the 2nd Chakra and dispersing them into the Aura & other Chakras.

Note: if you haven’t got a practice for regulating the openings of your Chakras, you may want to consider my free Online course, The Present of Presence. It offers a practice called Setting Chakras that is a very useful complement to this course and material.

As the work of energy clearing commences — either as a Practitioner in a client practice, or as someone who has an interest in  moving beyond limiting patterns, behaviors and emotions — it’s helpful to gain clarity about how much of the emotional pattern belongs to the individual and how much of it is in the energy field through resonating with and attracting vibrations from others.

When Clearing Emotional Energy is preceded by the Mine vs. Not Mine skill, the work is more contextual and effective.

Remember that your Astral body, (your emotional energy) is engaging and interacting with other people’s energy all the time. Not just the people you know and people with whom you casually interact. You’re interacting energetically with  people who you may pass on the street that share similar energy patterns with you!

When you’ve got a significant emotional pattern, such as anxiety, depression, rage, fear, anger, victimization…fill in the blank!…you’re probably vacuuming in these energies from others.

Sometimes these patterns grow, increase with time. How many people do you know who suffer with anxiety or depression and find that the duration of the depression or the intensity of the anxiety continues to increase as the years go by?

This energy is attracted into your energy field, and it stays there because the emotional pattern is an active part of your experience.

As you take up the work of owning and clearing your field, your job is to clear out what belongs to you and you are responsible for, and that does not include someone else’s energy! Great news!

Mine vs. Not Mine teaches you how to distinguish these energies (yours from others), and to return what doesn’t belong to you.