Sea Salt & Water

A Simple Hygiene Practice

When working with Etheric energy, a nice, simple cleansing of your hands releases any Etheric energy that you might have clinging to your hands.
Buy a canister of sea salt to keep in your office bathroom so that you can wash your hands with water and a couple of tablespoons of sea salt at the end of every session that has an Etheric component (if the only thing you do that is Etheric-based in a session is Releasing Extremities, you’ll still want to use Sea Salt & Water.)

The image below will give you a sense of how much sea salt to use. The salt need not be large crystals such as you see in the image – it’s simply the salt I had on hand at the time I took the photo! Finely grained sea salt is preferable, as it won’t scratch your hands.

Sea Salt & Water

You can also soak your pendulum for a few minutes in sea salt and water to clear any residue that may have accumulated.

Etheric Cleanse

This recipe is great for anyone who enters your practice who is not feeling well and enjoys baths.

2.5 cups sea salt
2.5 cups baking soda
2-3 Tbsps dried ginger

Draw a very hot bath, dissolving the ingredients into the bath as it fills. Soak for as long as possible in the very hot water.

Next steps:

Proceed to the next activity, putting your new Energy Hygiene tools together.

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