Skill – Partnering Chakras

Aligned and Balanced

You may remember me discussing the issue with any one of the chakras being dysregulated in such a way that it ends up running the show. One example that I frequently discuss is an excessively open second chakra, which generates emotional flooding, empathic sensitivity and overwhelm from taking on other people’s emotional energy while displacing your own. Another example is an excessively open crown chakra, that creates a tendency to leave the body. Whenever a chakra runs the show, the energy body is at its whim. It’s the dominant energy pattern the person experiences.

As you learn to regulate your chakra openings, with the goal of self-containment, self-awareness and self-responsibility the impetus behind chakra regulation, it becomes possible to leverage the organic partnerships that exist between the chakras. Remember, the chakras are an integrated system. In an ideally functioning framework, each chakra would be appropriately set, and it would be maintaining a state of balance and alignment within the context of the whole.

When energy works in harmony

Your energy body is in response to and habituated by your overall experience of yourself throughout your life. Contrary to popular belief, you weren’t born an empath, you became one. You weren’t born out of body, you learned to escape your body. You weren’t born a caretaker, you learned to do so. You weren’t born depressed, anxious, fearful or angry, these emotions became predominant because of life experiences and conditioning.

When your energy body is working harmoniously, there are chakras that come together and create efficiency in action. As your energy moves into a more regulated state, the ability to leverage these chakra partnerships is profound.

Introducing: Your Chakra Partnerships

I love this skill, and my practitioners and clients do too. As you work with it in concert with Setting Chakras and Grounding, these three skills become an unbeatable triad for actualizing your day-to-day experience from an embodied, aligned, powerful state of being. The best order to do these skills in as follows:

Set your chakras
Partner your chakras

Here are the partnerships and what they represent:

First & third chakras — the ability for your body and volition to work together to manifest your life
Second & fifth chakras — your emotional awareness informing your authentic self
Third & sixth chakraa — your ability to generate ideas and actualize them through your volition
Fourth & seventh chakras — your individuated spiritual connection in collaboration with All That Is

These partnerships are created by visualizing figure 8’s of energy between the appropriate chakras.  Review the animation as a sneak preview to the work of Partnering Chakras.

Next steps:

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